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Antakya Atatürk Stadium of Hatay, Turkey, was originally built in 1950 but closed recently due to its inability to meet growing demand. In a new public project titled Green Wings, ONZ Architects aim to transform this former urban center into a new park with a cultural hub.  Intended to provide respite from the dense urban fabric surrounding it, Green Wings is formed by 'curling up' the three corners of the triangular site, wrapping and isolating the park from the city. This 'curling' occurs through the slanted green roofs of three different public institutions at each corner: a library, a museum/exhibition space, and a cultural center. Receded from the street, these buildings leave room for smaller urban squares at each corner, connecting pedestrian and bicycle paths at the intersection of the city's circulation axes. The park at once responds to growing demands for an urban hub and constructs an isolated space for visitors to feel alone with nature. The main square at the center of the site additionally provides spaces for open-air activities and enriches urban life.  View more View full description
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