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Brazilian Colorado Brewery, recently inaugurated, in its hometown of Ribeirão Preto (SP), the "Toca do Urso" - a space that simulates a bear cave to receive visitors. Designerd by SuperLimão Studio, this project is the use several vernacular and passive techniques to create a pleasant microclimate ambient in an extremely hot and poorly ventilated region, without enclosing the environment and without depending on active air conditioning techniques. Located in front of the factory of the Brewery, the old parking left to give place to "Toca do Urso". The project sought to take advantage of what already existed in the surroundings, such as the crown of two large trees that shade the area a good part of the day. The large circular hall was buried 1.5m and the land removed from the ground was relocated creating a 3m slope around the central hall, creating a large barrier of thermal inertia as in the caves. The circular wing-shaped cover with skylight optimizes natural circulation and captures wind in any direction, such as wind collectors common in Islamic buildings. View more View full description
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