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In the Negev Desert of Israel, SAGA Space Architects are collaborating with D-MARS to build a Mars Lab Habitat that will simulate the conditions of living in a confined space on the hazardous surface of the red planet. The laboratory structure they’ve designed is an addition to D-MARS' existing Mars simulation habitat and will be part of a larger experiment. This habitat will serve as a prototype for a longer mission scheduled for 2020. SAGA hopes to help astronauts thrive on the surface of Mars, as opposed to merely surviving, which is enough of a challenge as is. The architecture of the Mars Lab is designed to be as lightweight as possible to minimize the amount of fuel needed for transport. The thin structure unfolds and deploys once on the surface, from an initial size of only 8 cubic meters (approximately 280 cubic feet) to its final size of 41.3 cubic meters (nearly 1,500 cubic feet). View more View full description
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