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From the architectThe construction of beautiful villagers needs to protect the “ecological” environment, “let the residents see the mountains and see the water”. While paying attention to the construction of “morphology”, it is necessary to carry out the construction of “literature” and “remember to live in the hometown”. Therefore, the rural memory museum that retains the rural folk customs, the memory of the times, and the continuation of the local context has emerged as a new public building in the new countryside. It is also a museum, a “museum” in the countryside, a “living” museum in the original environment, and a shared living roomwhere villagers gather and exchange visitors. Project introductionSevenhe mountain • village living room is located in shushi village, changan town, fuyang, hangzhou, zhejiang province. Surrounded by green hills, huyuan creek turns continuously from hengcha village to form a big s-shape, winding past the village, and enjoying the good reputation of "crane habitat, landscape tai chi village". In recent years, on the basis of protecting the pattern of traditional villages, the local government has carried out environmental governance optimization. It is expected that the original chemical village will become a beautiful village with blue sky, white clouds, green mountains and rivers and traditional landscape and pastoral scenery. View more View full description
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