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 The overarching theme of this article speaks to the complex overlay of gender and racial issues that have made architectural practice a hegemonic space. The article takes particular concern with “Women in Architecture” as a spectacle in today’s industry; an industry that in fact has an apparent and palpable lack thereof.  In order to explain this complex issue that we suspect is ever present in other professions of the built environment, we shall describe the Architectural Place for professionals.  Hegemony Beach:  White men have and continue to sit on the soft sandy beach constantly breathing in the fresh air. In the architectural space, it is difficult to distinguish the hegemonic imbalances between black men and white women, because black people were (and are) generally absent from architectural historic record whilst statistics today show that men, in general, dominate the profession. The racial distribution of this group is not reported on commonly, and one can infer that the problem is not as pressing. So, in this space, and according to my reading on the matter, it seems as though black men have more privilege in the architectural space than white women do. View more View full description
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