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The architecture building of Inner Mongolia University Of Technology was finished in 2009. It was renovated from a group of old industrial buildings in the campus. By carring the historical memory of the old industrial architecture, the building becomes an old man ever since the reconstruction work is done. Its space carries the historical memory of old industrial buildings clearly, which is an important theme of the design. Four years later, the expanding construction started in order to bring more professional classrooms to students.     Transition of CirculationThe starting point of design was to choose the right way to connect the old building to the new. It is a problem of transition of circulation between the old and the new. Site conditions and building functions determines the basic shape of the new architecture, while the proper connecting position in the old building was already preserved during the reconstruction. Thus, the designing strategy was to add a foyer between the old and the new wing. The foyer was not only the transition of their space, but also a direct northern entrance to the new building. It also creates new communication space for students and instructors as well. View more View full description
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