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The Architecture building of Inner Mongolia University of Technology is reconstructed from a former machinery factory of the university, which was used to be a practical education base, and its production was an integral part of the mainstay industry of the university. The casting workshop in the machinery factory was built in 1968, put into production in 1971. It was abandoned in 1995 due to the Industrial restructuring that gradually demolished unwanted sections. In early 2008, the university decided to reconstruct the workshop to endow it a new life. The former casting workshop had stood in the campus for more than 40 years. The historic red brick walls, the mottled rust machine, the crane beams covered in green, and the chimney among them…. All of these are evoking the deepest memories. When we walk through this today, we would be delighted to appreciate a space image that we have never experienced. It’s obvious that if people plan to ensure a long life of the building, this special space should be replaced by a specific function. Thus, the reconstruction work becomes a causal thinking of space and function and its creating process of the interactive adaptation. View more View full description
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