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A modern house with wide spaces and integrated with the landscape, socially alive and full of regional references. The Bentes The house project sought these concepts to embrace a small - but expandable - family from Pará (Brazil). Located in a well-organized and almost completely constructed condominium, the residence sought to fit the local climate and context while taking advantage of the beautiful view of a nearby valley to the north. The main principle for this residence was to take advantage of the local construction norms aiming at a better use of the areas and the integration of the house in the landscape of the street. In the condominium, the front recoil of 5m cannot be walled, which creates a pleasant and safe street, with the façades of the houses well visible and socially integrated. However, during a visit to the place, one can observe the constant presence of open garages and exposed vehicles. To avoid this situation and seeking a closer approximation of the cars with the services core of the house, it was decided to bring the garage to the central portion of the lot, through an access on the right side. Thus, located next to the leisure nucleus of the house, the garage becomes an easy daily access space, but with reversible use on celebrations. View more View full description
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