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YACademy launches the first edition of Architecture for Workplaces, a high-level training course offering 8 scholarships and internships in internationally-renowned architectural firms. 102 hours of lessons, a 30-hour workshop, lectures and placement opportunities in internationally-renowned architectural firms like UNStudio, Alfonso Femia, L22, Morphosis, 3XN, and Amdl Michele De Lucchi. The Course They are the places where we spend most of our day. They influence our creativity, our thoughts and our relationships. They define the identity of a company or brand. Workplaces are the cathedrals of our time. Modern technologies have completely changed the way we work, which is not linked to a place or a workstation anymore. Now, the way we work is rather connected to the ability of a space to instill ideas, inspire creativity and foster a business spirit. View more View full description
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