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The house Casa Para Invitados is located by the northern access to the city of Chonchi on the island Isla Grande de Chiloé. The house aims to achieve the requirements of a home while creating new economic alternatives for the client. Due to this, the work in question is based on two fundamental requirements that shape the project. As a first condition, all the requirements of the residence as such are considered, and secondly, it is simultaneously made applicable for the development of a guest house. In this way, the project is capitalized on by itself by the means of the tourism that the area provides, opting for the new information technologies that create possibilities of offering one's own home as an accommodation option. The plot where the project is located is a relatively flat site of 5,000 square meters and without much to offer in itself. On the north, south and west sides, it borders other isolated housings, while on the east side, it offers a view of the inland sea between the island Chiloé and the Andes mountain range of the continental Chilean territory. View more View full description
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