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Established in 1147 by Augustinians and rebuilt after the earthquake of 1755, the chapel of Nossa Senhora do Monte dominates the city of Lisbon. The popular neighbourhood built around the historical hermitage holds on to the steep hillside. Accessible via narrow stairs only, many houses have been abandoned over the years. A building in rubble is reconstructed to host the single family house on tree levels. The regular rhythm of the historical openings in the white facade of the building is preserved, but the interiors are carved to create larger volumes, play on light and views. Double high spaces allow for breathing and communication between the floors, generating a flowing and undivided space. The economical house is built with simple and row materials. The mineral concrete structure is left exposed. Local pink and white marble from the nearby quarry of Estremoz is the unique material used for the interiors. Large slabs of solid stone create walls, floors and shelfs, reducing the details to the bare minimum. Light fabric curtains are used for visual divisions and intimacy. View more View full description
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