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MemoryThe rolling hills in the east of Chongqing have always been a remarkable landscape, but presented serious traffic problems then. The newly constructed roads in the past 20 years successfully negotiated their way through this area and met its residents’ traveling needs. Road-upgrade was not the only change. What the residents are enjoying now are increasing income, subsidies, tap water, natural gas, and Internet, despite the fact that broadcasting programs introducing welfare policies as well as offering get-rich tips still serve as a vivid reminder of hardships 30 years ago. For the past 50 years, the solar orientation has rarely been taken into consideration when residences were built in eastern Chongqing due to the hilly landscape. The locals’ priorities were to maximize their construction area and practice Chinese Fengshui. Single framed stone walls, self- made hollow bricks and precast slabs were the main building materials of the 80’s. View more View full description
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