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A greyscale palette of two materials - the washed granolithic plaster juxtaposed with brushed stainless steel, one is rough and dull while the other is sterile and reflective, which formed an austere monochrome space for this two-stories men-wear select shop. In this project, Atelier tao+c boldly applied washed granolithic plaster as the main material for interior walls and floors. The material has a different name - Shanghai plaster, which has been most commonly used as exterior façade finish for the art deco buildings in Shanghai back to 1920s, a material which is granitic stones mix the cement to form a gentle and rough texture. Reusing this once-popular yet forgotten material, the architects seek to evoke memories of the most dynamic and creative era and city to convey a more "local" sense of the street. Responding to the owners’ request to feature domestic fashion brands in the space and promote local young designers.  View more View full description
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