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odD+ architects have released details of their proposed Grove Tower in Quito, Ecuador. A 10,000-square-meter office building for one of the country’s most prestigious law firms, the scheme has been designed as a “monumental structure that represents the values of the firm on an extremely narrow terrain.” Playing on the slenderness of the site, the scheme exaggerates its monumentality through a language of vertical elements and green diagonals that cross the facades of the building and strategically connect different stories. These louver-like components serve to diffuse sunlight while also reflecting the changeable interior program on each floor. The scheme therefore adopts a grove-like spatial character. At the base, visitors walk through a cluster of trunk-like elements to enter the building, “transporting the user outside of the urban corporate setting into a more fantastical context.” The lobby forms a playful interpretation of a cave-like space, setting up a unique experience as one enters the building. View more View full description
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