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Gottfried Böhm is a German architect who was awarded the Pritzker Prize in 1986. His father, Dominikus Böhm and his grandfather Alois Böhm were both architects, as well as three of his sons, among them, Peter Böhm. Few people know that he has two projects erected in Brazil, in Brusque and Blumenau - two cities highly influenced by German culture. Photographer Ronaldo Azambuja shared with us his series of photographs of the mother church Igreja Matriz São Luiz Gonzaga in Brusque. The text was written by Angelina Wittmann, architect, and researcher. The Igreja Matriz São Luiz Gonzaga mother church is located in the city of Brusque in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Its architecture stands out in the city landscape, having a similar concept to that of another church in the region - the Cathedral São Paulo Apóstolo de Blumenau. Both projects were created in the same architecture office in Germany which belonged to a family of architects. There, worked the architect Dominikus Böhm - father of Gottfried Böhm, author of the Brusque church project. Dominikus Böhm was a reference in Europe when it came to designing churches. He built his first church in 1910 and by the end of the 1920s was already very well known and had many buildings erected in Germany. View more View full description
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