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Last week, we asked our social media followers, "What does public architecture mean to you?" These thoughts are intrinsic to the architectural debate and come into play in various types of projects, especially in those related to the planning of common-use spaces in cities. 100 Public Spaces: From Tiny Squares to Urban Parks What Makes a Great Public Place? The role of the public realm is to illuminate human events by providing a space of appearances, a space of visibility, in which men and women can be seen, heard, and reveal, through word and action, who they are. For them, appearance constitutes reality, and its possibility depends on a public sphere in which things can come out of a dark and sheltered existence. - Fina Birulés On this topic, many authors within the academic circle support very diverse opinions on the course of action for public design proposals, yet always agree on an understanding about the complexity of this issue, which involves several areas beyond architecture and urbanism. There are social, economic and political issues, as well as matters of safety, security, welfare, and several others that concern the community and, therefore, should undoubtedly be part of the public debate and open to the opinion of citizens, who will be, by definition, the users of these spaces. View more View full description
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