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TM House is located in the state of Colima, Mexico, within a lot of regular topography and geometry, and a surface of 11,670 sq. m. The project consists of a 769 sq. m. single story residence for a family of 4 members. The premise of the project was to integrate the diverse phenomenologies inspired on the tropical paradise of the Mexican pacific, in order to create a residence that constantly refers to unending vacation.  Three key aspects were turning points for the conception of the architecture: climate, topography, and context.  With average temperatures of 25°C, ascending up to 50°C, and with a relative humidity seldom dropping beneath 75%, heat was a major concern.  The land, originally a palm grove, once clean turned out highly profitable in terms of a flat topography with only a few palm trees standing in it. At the same time, an almost inexistent slope made the land susceptible to floods especially during rainy season. View more View full description
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