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Riverbends by the cliff is a symbolic setting in the Chongqing area. As a living gallery, the project is a trial for and response to localised architecture. It explores the spatial interaction between nature and geographical traits in an urban context. The gallery is close to the Jialing River bank. The two riverbends that faces different directions influences the urban texture in its vicinity and forms a grand natural setting for the urban area. The site sits coincidentally on the highest point of the cliff, allowing visitors to get a full view of the riverbend and a bird-eye view of the future Yue Lai core TOD district. The initial concepts all seemed rather out of place or dull in the natural environment in spite of multiple scenario-based trials until the designer encountered a visit to the project site at twilight hours. When scattering gold and crimson light painted the city in monotone, the mountains and river alone shone through, drawing the unmistakeable spotlight – the right path became apparent. Going back to the essence of design, responding to the context and nature, the design slowly revealed itself. View more View full description
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