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There is a house located on the backstreet, a block away from Sakurada-dori and a 5-minute walking distance from Gotanda Station, where a family of thirteen–– consisting of a great-grandmother, two grandfathers, their sons and their respective families––live. The first floor of the house used to be a storage of a liquor store formerly run by the family. This time, we converted the first floor into a "kakuuchi" (customers buy drinks at a liquor store and drink at a standing bar inside the store) style "izakaya" (Japanese-style pub). The family members participated in the entire process from design to construction to build this store. Kuwahara Shoten owns a building at the corner of this street and Sakurada-dori, where they had been running a liquor store serving the community for a long time. Along with the change of the times, they changed their store style (converted it into a convenience store) and have maintained their liquor business up to today. View more View full description
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