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Carlanderska Hospital in Göteborg, Sweden, has provided specialist healthcare to public and private patients since 1927. A well-needed extension primarily houses technology-intensive functions such as surgery, x-ray and sterilisation, but also adds new entrances, staff facilities and a restaurant. By echoing the original plans, the new design of Carlanderska Hospital respects the landmark building's well-known atmosphere and expression yet displays its own unique character.  Using the same type of materials – red brick and a copper roof – for the extension as that of the original building has unified the new with the old, as have the coloured joints and medieval-inspired brick pattern, ensuring that the new structure naturally blends into the setting. The 6,800 sqm extension adds a facility comprised of four floors and a basement level to Carlanderska Hospital, housing functions that could not be developed in the existing building; surgery, x-ray and sterilisation. Prior to the extension, Carlanderska had four operating theatres sized 14 or 27 sqm. In the new facility there are seven operating theatres sized 40 to 60 sqm. View more View full description
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