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“The design we are making here is hoped to be a continuation of the natural form of the mountains, and it does not deliberately conceal the subtle changes of the new man-made objects to the place.” Site memoryThe music department complex of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music is located in the north area of ​​the campus, facing the Wangjiang Mountains in the south and the Yichuan Plain in the north. The natural environment is superior, and the mountain presents varied forms due to years of polishing. In addition, the venue has multiple identities in history, and the traces of people are particularly important here. As an examination venue for the early driving school, it has been carefully crafted here by manpower. The driving memory of a generation of Hangzhou citizens started here. As time goes by, whether it is the artificial trace or naturalness, it is slowly blended here, presenting an ingenious combination of nature and manmade. View more View full description
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