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There may be times when you remember an old project you did, perhaps at uni, that you want to show someone. The one that had the amazing render that took 10hrs of Photoshopping. But no, it’s at home on hard-drive no.2 of 5. If only you had uploaded that one to SiteSupervisor, you could be showing it off right... about... now. SiteSupervisor is your new pocket portfolio. No, not the portfolio that you keep in the drawing tube that only ever sees the light of day at a job interview, but a real, live portfolio that you can access on your phone anytime, anywhere. It's time to take pride in the work you do and have done, and really use what you have to not only bring in more work, but also solve problems. Sales Pitch The beauty of having all of your projects at the touch of your phone is that you can show it like you would a photo from your Instagram or Camera Roll. You can bring up drawings or details, zoom in and out, and even draw over it digitally if you need to. It’s an easy way to show off the project or certain elements that were successful without having to view it on Maps in street view. View more View full description
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