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“The great buildings have survived precisely because of their form, one which is able to accommodate different functions over time. ”—Peter Eisenman Gallery OfficeWe are trying to evolve a space suitable for the spirit of this era in the city’s legacy space. Such space is not limited to specific functions, but it can meet diverse needs of nowdays. Inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s “Total Space” and “flow space”, we hope to create the space formate at a certain zero point between “flow” and “stay” to meet privacy and public, fast and slow usage requirements. We define this space as “GO Studio”,which means the gallery office, a brand new office with display needs. This hybrid feature motivates the social attributes of the office and extends the boundaries of social interactions to create a new experience. Blackstone Gallery office and Fenyang Road Alley House Gallery office are two of them. View more View full description
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