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Turning a country house, lost in the Agro di Casarano from an anonymous building without quality in a meeting place between art and architecture was not a recent request. It would have been much simpler to demolish the existing one and redesign the whole lot from scratch, instead we chose not to make a clean sweep, but rather to accept the actual state as a starting point: the old factory building is It was wrapped in a new wrapping, a white wooden lining that redefines the volume, unifying it, and redraws the score of the facades. In some places the lining is detached from the house and becomes a fence. The house houses an important collection of works by the Japanese artist Hidetoshi Nagasawa.Their installation, both inside the building and in the garden, is an integral and foundational part of the concept of domestic space. Once crossed the threshold of the internal enclosure, the discovery resumes in the succession of private gardens, which are an integral part of the interior space. View more View full description
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