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As architects, we often find ourselves as defacto Project Manager on site throughout construction. Whether it’s a small or large project, many of us find ourselves going from documentation to construction. SiteSupervisor provides a seamless transition from design to build that can be easily set up at the beginning of a project without costing your team more transition time, effort and money. The architect can set up the hierarchy of the project and share relevant details with assigned consultants and contractors, who can then easily pass on information to the subcontractors without breaking the communication protocols in place. So, don’t worry, you still remain in control of your project at all times. We didn’t spend 6 years at architecture school to be Project Managers, right? We did it because one day we saw an amazing building (Fallingwater), done by an amazing architect (Frank Lloyd Wright), and fell in love with the romance of wearing black whilst working late nights at the drawing board. We have probably since learned that it’s not always all that glamorous, and have found that there is often a lot riding on being architect-project managers during a job. Fortunately, SiteSupervisor is here to make it easy for us, while equipping us to do well in this hybrid role. So here are some additional benefits SiteSupervisor can offer to architects on the (construction) job: View more View full description
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