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The ArchiWorkshop foundation building was built on Yeonhui-ro, which is parallel to Ansan in Seoul. Most of the area is made up of type-1 residential districts, making it a quiet and comfortable residential area. With the recent acceleration in development of the Yeonnam-dong area, movements are also taking place in Yeonhui-dong is to reflect neighborhood-like atmospheres. Places made of neighborhood shops, rather than franchises, such as handicraft shops, craft coffee shops, craft beer shops, and Saruga markets (a local market brand) are creating Yeonhui-dong’s culture of high quality and originality. Here, where such pleasant routines take place, we decided to open the new life of ArchiWorkshop. ArchiWorkshop was founded in 2013 in a corner place of Bangbae-dong. It was a space of about 15 pyeong (approx. 49.6m2) located on the first floor, with three open sides. This was an attempt to openly show the studio of an architect. The ArchiWorkshop, located in Yeonhui-dong, is a space where the architects create everyday architecture. It is also a shared space where diverse cultural activities take place. View more View full description
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