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Life Reusing Posidonia is a Climate Change Adaptation Project financed by the European LIFE + program for nature conservation projects. The main objective is to improve habitability conditions in dwellings and provide regulators and public bodies with contrasted data to decrease the consumption of resources and to grow in comfort. The data has been obtained by evaluating a prototype building of 14 public social dwellings on a rental basis promoted by the Balearic Social Housing Institute (IBAVI) and its comfort has been monitored with the collaboration of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB). The documentation is open source and freely available on the web www.reusingposidonia.com. The project links Heritage, Architecture and Climate Change with the aim to recover the local resources as a cultural approach in the contemporary research for sustainable solutions. Traditional architecture has been a constant reference, not for its forms, but as a way of working. By doing so, we look for the available local resources: the junipers are now fortunately protected. The sandstone quarries (marès) have been depleted. Therefore, we only have what arrives by sea: Posidonia.  View more View full description
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