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Few people know that there is a garden art museum in Chengdu's Jinniu District, Yiyuan, which is the first private garden art museum in China. The ancient trees in the garden are towering, lush, rippling streams, bridges and rivers, ancient stone piles and different postures, which inherit and preserve the simplicity and vividness of traditional Chinese garden architecture. With the changes of the times, Yiyuan has been in disrepair for a long time, and is gradually lonely. It is looking forward to a new life. By all kinds of coincidence, Shanghai Dahao Architectural Design Office presided over the renovation and renovation of a small building in Yiyuan. Current situation of small buildings in Yiyuan:1. The structure is complex, including brick-concrete, cast-in-situ concrete, wood structure and other forms. After calculation, in order to prevent potential safety hazards, no additional load has been added to the original structure. In addition, all modifications involving external facades and original buildings should be separated.2. Because the users of small buildings in Yiyuan change their hands, the elevation level is complex and without rules, the sense of patchwork is strong, and the quality of materials is poor.3.The entrance gate has the characteristics of Western Sichuan residential style, but it is small and old, and the definition of internal and external space is not clear.4. Ancient trees coexist with buildings. There are 7 ancient trees close to the buildings. The minimum distance is only 15 centimeters. View more View full description
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