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The Guyang River, situated in the eastern of He Jian City, is a part of the ancient waterway around the river in history. However, in modern times, the waterway has been abandoned, and the large waste from the surrounding factories and residential areas made the ancient waterway a drain. The Guyang River Park we designed and built is the important part of the renovation of the water system around the city: dredging waterways, rectifying water bodies and ecological restoration of water bodies and surrounding areas. We expand the water surface and add walkways and structures around the waterway for people to pass and rest. The new Guyang River have become a place for residents to relax and integrate into nature in addition to flood discharge function. Beam Pavilion is the two sets of water side pavilions that we designed in the Guyang River Park. Here, the pavilion is a way we intervene in nature, and offers a new perspective and experience of the scenery. It is in this process that we create the landscape. View more View full description
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