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The complex of the former waterworks on Letná has undergone several conversions since it was constructed in the second half of the 19th century but only the water tower has been preserved in its original form. The technical buildings, including the steam machine engine room, were demolished and replaced with multi-story annexes. In recent decades the complex has been used as a youth centre and will retain this function once it has been renovated. The water tower was originally the only local dominant point with a view of the city panorama. But over time the surrounding land was developed and the tower gradually lost its view of the city, it was blinded; however, our proposed periscope has returned its “sight”. We used the chimney of the steam machine for pumping water to locate the periscope. The periscope can be used to observe not only the horizon and city panorama, but also objects in the night sky, such as the moon, the planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and many others, thanks to the powerful optics and electronic guidance system. View more View full description
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