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Openfabric has been selected to design the public spaces of Mantova city center in occasion of the first World Forum on Urban Forest (WFUF 2018) by FAO. The aim of the design is to engage with the two different levels of the forum: the academic one and the broad public. The project wants to critically represent a number of forest typologies rising both awareness on the importance of nature in urban environments and on the dramatic effects of climate change. Through the tools of ambiguity, juxtaposition, aesthetics and discomfort, Into the Forest aims to challenge the perception of nature and aspires to be adopted by cities, globally. Native Forest The "Native Forest" recalls a fragment of the ancient forest formations widely covering the Po Valley (Pianura Padana) before the massive transformation to agriculture and urbanization. In-fact large part of Northern Italy was very likely covered by lowlands forests dominated by Quercus spp. and Carpinus betulus. The forests currently survive only in few, small patches, protected as nature reserves. Here, as in any other type of forest, dead and decaying wood (snag) is key to support a rich community of decomposers (saproxylic organisms) like bacteria and fungi, insects, and other invertebrates. View more View full description
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