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The project is located on the west bank of Xianghu Lake, Nanchang City. The large-scale block form of the new town is markedly different from the “natural” structure of the old town.Fuhe River that flows south from the “Tengwangge Delta” tries to preserve the landscape characteristics of this city, and turns the bridge into a major element in the urban design.The project intends to obtain evidence from the morphological memory of this contemporary city, and remains in the frontier of the cultural landscape. The Wanshou Palace and Wanshou Tower are located on the south and north bank of Xianghu Lake respectively, and thereby acquire a vastness in terms of  perception. The original idea of the project was to elevate the terrain, preserve the urban green space, and erect up a new building to fill the gap in the landmark nodes resulted from the along-the-lake planning. View more View full description
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