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How to transform four dwellings of the nineteenth century into dwellings of the twenty-first century?  In this building of the mid-nineteenth century, comprising four residential fractions, adjoining another identical building, we were able to perceive the essence from an ancient housing system. The smaller scale apartments indicate that all the constituent elements of the original typology were considered as the minimum essential to inhabit. The relevance of the kitchen space, becomes perceptible, through the presence and position of the chimney; the absence of sanitary facilities as autonomous rooms, adapted over time in the balconies and kitchens; the importance of modesty and privacy demarcated by the doors that separated rooms; the confirmation of the interior room without direct sunlight; the living room as a social area, facing the front of the building. When we analyze these items in comparison with what characterizes the contemporary dwelling, we perceive the relevance of the intervention. View more View full description
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