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Yong Ju Lee Architecture and Atelier KJ have created "Elusive Boundary" for the Korean Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. The project is designed as a place for radical encounters of different fields. The main theme of Korean Pavilion, Mobility, is defined as a new space of possibility created by movement between territories and escape/expansion to new territories. The movement defined by new mobility is not linear, but a simultaneous event between territories. Elusive Boundary, the Korean pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai suggests a physical place by this new territory. This space is created from the collision of two coordinate systems (one is orthogonal system; the other is rotated system of 15 degrees in z-axis and x-axis). The second system expands continually, becoming an independent geometrical structure. It behaves load bearing structure by connecting floating lines though the universal joint and supports the whole building as the main structure frame. Two coordinate systems stay in each territories (the orthogonal structure is occupied by programs; the other becomes skin and structure), however, the expanded boundary where two meet creates new space by supporting each other. And this space becomes stable by itself with the tangled geometry        View more View full description
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