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An active ArchDaily collaborator, architect and doctor Rogelio Ruiz Fernández, has emerged as a great enthusiast of cinema, architecture, cities and landscapes. He expresses his love for visual arts, architecture, and culture through his drawings. In these moments, he documents trips, his favorite locales, and project ideas that will later become works of architecture.  Below, Ruiz Fernandez explains his creative process and the importance of sketches in his work.  Danae Santibáñez: What inspires you to sketch/draw? Rogelio Ruiz Fernández: Environments whispering you directions, perspective lines, light and also traces. DS: How important is drawing in the process of creation? RRF: To draw is to choose and evict lines with future possibilities. The Spanish philosopher [Jose] Ortega y Gasset said that 'A gothic cathedral is a trap armored by fantasy to catch the infinite, the swift beast of infiniteness.' So space is that swift beast and we try to manage the lasso, with quick initial sketches, to tame the wild horse, to place the saddle. Once we have the horse in the riding lodges, firmly tied, we brush him sweetly, bit by bit, till we get a thoroughbred. As far as we can, of course... it's the taming of the shrew. View more View full description
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