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Cuernavaca, located just a few hours from Mexico City, is one of the most visited places in the country thanks to its history, weather, and architecture. The city has eleven declared historical sites, such as the Cortés Palace, the Cuernavaca Cathedral, the Borda Garden, the Calvario Spire, Teopanzolco, Chapultepec Nature Park, the Cuernavaca Kite, and the Hotel Casino de la Selva, among others. For the past few years, Cuernavaca has experienced a boom in contemporary architecture, starting with the Tallera building which was built in 2010 by Mexican architect Frida Escobedo. The project gave life to the Siqueiros murals and all the history behind them. This year, we witnessed this wave led by a group of architects that continue to build some of Mexico's most notable buildings, such as the Teopanzolco Cultural Center by Isaac Broid + PRODUCTORA which recently received the "Oscar Niemeyer" prize, which recognizes the best architectural productions internationally. View more View full description
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