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The new building closes the existing settlement gap. Due to the location and the volumetric training of the new school the multi-purpose building will be integrated into the building structure without taking away its independence. The new volume mediates between the Hörnlistrasse and the new rest area, between the school building and the multi-purpose building. The single-story volume differentiates from the grown building structure. Due to its geometric orientation and volumetric appearance, the new building is, according to public use, related to the multi-purpose building. In the case of fire, the single floor allows for escape directly into the open. This results in a greater flexibility in the use and furnishing of the area. There other forms of teaching or learning situations that can take place beside the work niches. The illumination of the corridor zone and the group rooms is achieved by courtyards. These can be used on all sides for educational purposes. The arrangement of the multi-purpose room with the kitchen against the playground allows for the use of the roofed entrance area during a town event, etc. View more View full description
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