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New vs. OldEvery so often we meet a client who is faced with the decision to buy a new property that might be out of his budget or buy something already built and recondition it. Our advice always stands out the second option. We believe that is better to take advantage of an existing building and with doing so strengthen the city as it, the challenge is visualize the possibilities. The planWe are presented with an apartment of reduced spaces, poor lighting, no storage, in general a hostile environmen for the user. We planned to modify that scenario; in order to achieve this, we had to think about who is going to inhabit this space, how they inhabit it and where are they when they inhabit it? The clients are two students in their early 20s, who intend to have resting and studying areas for each one, plusa shared social area suitable for meetings and parties. In addition, as an intermittent user, we have the clients’ parents who live in a different city but sometimes stay and sleep there. View more View full description
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