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The house is located in the outskirts of the city of Oaxaca, a developing context, in the middle of changes in land use, where barely more than half are buildings; a combination between houses and large storage units. The assignment is given with some very clear requests, due to the conditions of its current surroundings it is emphasized for the house to appear unfinished from the outside, to generate an opportunity to have a recreational space inside by using half of the plot of land as a garden; and the possibility for a visual escape through scale towards the view of the city, the Sierra Norte or of the hill of Monte Alban. The plot of land is 20 meters long at the front and 10 meters in depth, the program is developed in a fourth of the available area, an area of five by ten. From the specific requirement of the desired appearance, of the immediate benchmarks of context and from a personal philosophy of design where tectonics are essential the construction material is chosen; hollow concrete blocks, which due to its characteristics, conditions the space design to modules marked by the construction system, and at the same time allows for the management of the empty spaces in the necessary and specific proportions to vent and illuminate each one of them. View more View full description
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