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The client of the project is a young Internet finance company. The main idea of the company is derived from "let finance have temperature". The company CEO emphasizes that making a simple, transparent and equal office space is the precondition given at the beginning of the design. Therefore, the concept of the design emphasizes the status of equality and freedom, to remove traditional cubicles and the sense of containment. As a experimental work to pursue a relaxed, local, and resource workplace in the post-industrial era, the whole office is personalized curvy pattern following the concept of Galaxy Soho designed by Zaha Hadid. Instead of being confine to a traditional introversion and isolation mode of working division, it is a desire to create a happy mood like a park and a fairground. The layout of the office is a circular form, with a lot of diagonal columns in the original structure. Firstly, the architect quantified different functional space into three-dimensional box, such as the working area, meeting room, incubator, exhibition hall and VIP room, etc. The traffic space allows people arriving any place efficiently. Secondly, lots of irregular corner spaces were shaped by creating resting area to hide the original partition wall. View more View full description
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