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Cultivate IndependenceIt is located at the part of a low-rise residential area in Zama, Kanagawa, Japan. It is required to build a new nursery so that no less than 110 children on waiting list to enter nurseries should be reduced. Recently, it’s difficult for children to play creatively because of excessive security from adults and too strict regulation. What is worse, most of after-schools, children learn passively. Thus, their opportunity to think and act spontaneously is decreasing. Considering this situation, we planned this nursery as the concept “Cultivate Independence”, where children will think and create a new play and challenge a lot. The first approach is to put a lot of gaps. The single-story wooden building is put using full of site area and put some play gardens everywhere, which is different from the general layout that buildings are put on the north side and garden spaces on the south side. By this planning, many gaps are made, where children can’t see ahead. But such a small space will make them have curiosity and play creatively View more View full description
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