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After several decades of disinvestment and decline, the City of Camden, New Jersey, has recently shown a commitment to revitalization and community-building. This commitment is realized in the new Rutgers University-Camden: Nursing and Science Building. The building announces the seriousness of purpose about the revitalization efforts underway that are positioning Camden as a major player in “eds and meds.” Located adjacent to City Hall, abutting the heavily trafficked Light Rail station, the building significantly improves Camden’s urban context; it captures at once the inherent value of access to transportation, a waterfront, historic building stock, and an activated pedestrian realm. Located on a triangular site on the edge of City Hall Plaza between the Rutgers-Camden campus and the Cooper Medical Center—the first university academic building located off Rutgers-Camden’s traditional campus boundaries—the building is described as the first step in an effort to help revitalize Camden, by building a corridor connecting Camden’s university district with the Cooper University Hospital and Cooper Medical School of Rowan. View more View full description
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