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Swedish studio Urban Nouveau created a plan to save Stockholm's Gamla Lidingöbron bridge by transforming it into a linear park and housing. After launching a petition to save the bridge and re-purpose it, ArchDaily followed up with Sara Göransson, founding partner at Urban Nouveau, to ask her about her background and how the studio approaches social integration, housing and the future of urban infrastructure. What inspired you to study architecture? Sara: I am from a beautiful country region in the north of Sweden. But due to urbanization, what was once a thriving community based around forestry and farming has become a depopulated region with many beautiful old houses and farms standing abandoned. Driving through this landscape and seeing these precious houses left to decay is what inspired me to study building engineering. I saw it as a means to take care of and restore these buildings. This initial inspiration of respecting the existing context has remained a core value for me as an architect and urban developer. View more View full description
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