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The site has a special locational characteristic called Jongno and, at the same time, is adjacent to Unhyeon Palace, which is one of the ancient palaces of the Chosun Dynasty. Located at the end of the secluded alley crossing from prosperous Iksun-dong to Insa-dong, the pre-construction site is about 128.98m² in area and used to be a general commercial area. The client, who was running a psychological consultation institute and living in Gangnam, the complete opposite of Jongno in local color, has always been fascinated about Gangbuk and Jongno. Hence, when he contracted the land and asked for the construction design, he insisted the construction be harmonious with both the local color of Jongno and surroundings. Despite its use as a general commercial area. There were restrictions on the number of floors and the height(limited to 5 stories and 20 meters) according to the regulations of this area. So, in order to overcome this limitation, we had to pass deliberations related to architecture and cultural assets. Looking around, the remains of old things still remain. Across the street, it faces the fence that surrounds Unhyeon Palace and Jongno Campus of Ducksung Women University. View more View full description
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