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Studio Gang, an architecture firm and urban design firm recognized for their ingenuity and creative approach, has partnered with SCAPE, the NYC-based design-driven urban design and landscape architecture firm. The international architecture community has recognized both firms’ female founders, Jeanne Gang and Kate Orff, respectively, as innovators in their design fields. Together, these firms have created the selected proposal for Memphis’ waterfront. The waterfront’s edge is composed of five zones: Fourth Bluff, Mud Island, Tom Lee Park, MLK Park, and Greenbelt Park. Areas like Tom Lee Park encompass a vast area of flat terrain, pedestrian paths, and simple amenities. The park’s greatest feature is its view that spans both the natural and urban elements of the city’s landscape.  The project was driven by establishing a concept based on three design principles: foster, restore, and connect. The Studio Gang/SCAPE scheme fosters civic pride and local identity while restoring the natural ecology of the waterfront and connecting elements of the waterfront to the downtown. View more View full description
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