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Plans for a memorial commemorating the life and career of Mr. Michael Wright, architect, surveyor, and civil servant, have been released. Mr. Wright’s dedication to the architecture of public housing in Hong Kong and the principals on which he designed are encapsulated in the memorial’s proposed scheme. Wright died in January 2018 at the age of 105 and is considered the "father of public housing in Hong Kong" for redefining the city's standards for public living quarters.  Irene Cheng, founder and design principal of HIR Studio, proposed the winning design and received the Hong Kong Institute of Architects Young Architects Award 2017. The memorial will be located at the Wah Fu Estate, an existing housing development built in the 60s. Although this particular complex was not one of Mr. Wright’s designs, it is scheduled to be demolished in the near future, making it an ideal site for the memorial. Elements of the existing structure will be conserved and incorporated into the memorial. By conserving the first two floors of a typical housing block, the components of the old become part of the new. Preserved elements such as the typical housing block support the interior gallery spaces of the memorial and become part of the exhibits themselves. View more View full description
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