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The installation “HE” located at the atrium of the show space of HUB, Shanghai. It was created as a part of the exhibition, China on Brush Tip/ Finger Tip, to carry forward the traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy art. A three-dimensional installation and accompanying video tried to convey the essence of calligraphy to audience in a brand new way. Collaborating with the master calligrapher Dongling Wang and inspired by his work, the designer devised a design language to interpret paper-based artwork into poetic space that correlated with human body. How to present the rhythm of calligraphy in space? A kung-fu fiction passed through the designer’s mind. The hero of the story had a unique way to decode the script of holy martial arts:Unlike the others, when he looked at the characters, he saw drawings indicating how the sword swings but not words describing. Similarly, we could enjoy the beauty of calligraphy by focusing on the movement of brush, not what the characters literally mean. View more View full description
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