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Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects have released plans for a mixed-use shopping and office block to replace 1-2 Broadgate on the City of London campus. The multi-colored block design will include 74,000 square meters of commercial space as part of the revitalization of the iconic 1980s office complex. Linked to Liverpool Street station, the new development would include retail and leisure as part of the new shopping center. AHMM's colorful development will include a 14-story block of stacked boxes and terraces. Drawing from the "earthy and autumnal colors of the buildings in the surrounding area," the project will include a series of colored metal fins that give the facade definition. The building envelope is developed around a kit of parts that are applied in response to building uses, floor level, orientation and envelope performance requirements. As AHMM have stated, "the building is conceived as a series of stacked volumes. These volumes cascade informally down from the west, where the constraints allow the building to reach its maximum height, to the east, where the height is limited by overshadowing and other constraints."   View more View full description
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