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The name “BAO MOCHI” speaks for itself : at the restaurant you'll be served with light steamed buns made of delicate wheat flour with various fillings inside as well as airy, chewy mochi cakes of unique Japanese rice flour. Planning solution was built around these 2 words BAO & MOCHI.Entering the first hall - BAO HALL -you'll find a hot shop with a picture of a hero bun BAO behind the counter.In the second hall - MOCHI HALL - you'll see several niches decorated with colored hemispheres that imitate Mochi’s shape and the image of the hero Mochi himself.The interior décor of "BAO MOCHI" a bright and minimalistic hint of Asia.The walls are decorated with such a kind of cardboard that can be read as a modern interpretation of bamboo tree, a plant associated everywhere with culture of Thailand, China and Japan. View more View full description
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