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Culled from our annual documentaries posts, these films feature architecture and architects in more informative and intimate ways. With more and more film festivals dedicated to architecture itself, you can likely catch these on the big screen in a city near you!  The Pruitt-Igoe Myth (2011) Director: Chad Freidrichs. 83 mins. In 1954, the newly constructed Pruitt-Igoe towers in St. Louis, Missouri, designed by WTC architect Minoru Yamasaki , were "radiant examples of Corbusian rationalism," symbols of the promise of Modernist architecture to renew our cities, particularly for lower class residents. A mere two decades later, the towers, hotbeds of violence and crime, were spectacularly demolished - becoming potent symbols of both social housing and Modernism's supposed failure.This fascinating documentary challenges this typical narrative, providing an expansive, poignant look at both Pruitt-Igoe's shortcomings and triumphs, showing us what they have to teach us about America itself. View more View full description
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